About Us

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Qvinci has been producing award-winning financial reporting solutions since 2007 and has been an Intuit reporting partner since 2011. Qvinci is unique in its ability to support a wide range of accounting software including QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB and Excel and can be customized to support numerous other accounting files and systems. Qvinci is ProAvisor recommended and is the top-rated reporting app in the QuickBooks App Store.


Qvinci’s mission is to develop and patent best-in-class, near real-time cloud-based financial data consolidation, reporting, business intelligence and workflow management solutions for the accounting, franchise and multi-unit business markets. Qvinci empowers decision-makers and their advisors with secure and automated ERP-like features and functionality that is cost-effective and easy-to-use.


Our vision is to become the global leader in cloud-based reporting, business intelligence and workflow management platforms that offer near real-time gathering, consolidation, syncing and mapping of all relevant data from disparate sources. Secure and automated, Qvinci empowers users to efficiently gather, view, monitor, compare, report and manage the performance of single and multi-unit businesses and organizations.


Qvinci is defined by a single word: Excellence. Excellence in the people we hire, the choices we make, the solutions we deliver and the support we provide. This translates into value and success for our customers.