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Accountable To You, Inc.

Molly Okerlund and Accountable To You Selects Qvinci To Provide
The Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools Needed To
Promote Their Firm’s Advisory Services In A Big Way!

January 2008

# of Clients:
100+ Customers

Geographical Area:
Founded in Sioux Falls, SD
Headquarters in Sioux Falls, SD


  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Numerous Local Awards and Accolades

Who is Accountable To You, Inc.?

Accountable To You Inc. is a locally owned-and-operated business known for professional, affordable bookkeeping, training, and payroll service in Sioux Falls, SD, and the entire Tri-State area. With over ten years of professional experience in the industry, their team has the experience and knowledge needed to handle the needs of your business with ease.

They have tailored their services to match the functions of your business, and their quality customer service sets them apart in the industry. Additionally, they offer competitive prices for all of their services, which allows businesses to save money while focusing on what they do best. End the headaches; partner with Accountable To You Inc. for simplified, streamlined solutions.

Personalized Solutions and Quality Service

Thanks, Qvinci… “High fives” to everyone. The predictive analytics and business intelligence tools are amazing! I highly recommend Qvinci to every accountant and bookkeeper for their SMB clients using QuickBooks® Online, any form of QuickBooks Desktop and Xero.

“Simply put, you guys knocked it out of the park! And your Customer Success Team was invaluable to us during the super easy integration process – always there when we need them and always with the right answer. I thought this would take a huge effort on our firm’s part. Qvinci did most of the heavy lifting. It was so quick and easy; we were up and running in no time!”

Molly Okerlund, Accountable To You, Inc.

Why Did Molly And Her Firm Decide To Partner With Qvinci?

  • Qvinci provides the reporting and business intelligence tools needed to promote advisory services in a big way. Not just a slogan, Qvinci delivers!
  • Clients love the Red / Green arrows and Charts / Graphs. They are easy to understand and not available in QuickBooks!
  • Qvinci is super easy to use and deploys across all clients quickly and painlessly. The Customer Success Team rocks!
  • Qvinci easily integrates with QuickBooks (QBO and Desktop)!
  • Consolidation is the reason we came to Qvinci, but the time savings realized by automating reporting for my single entity clients is significant!
  • Despite others like Fathom, Spotlight or anyone else advertising that they consolidate QB files – Qvinci is the only reporting application that does consolidation in any useful way!
  • Qvinci’s benchmarking is game-changing. We have dental and restaurant clients that love these insights. No one else does this like Qvinci!
  • Their forecasting “What If” tool is an invaluable resource to better support my clients in the current COVID-19 environment and beyond!
  • The Qvinci Team = Integrity. A customer first mentality and they deliver on what they promise!
  • Pricing is so reasonable. The cost/benefit analysis is a no brainer!

What Did Molly Say About Qvinci’s Customer Success Team?

“Qvinci’s Customer Success Team did an outstanding job in helping me and my firm integrate Qvinci into our tech stack. We are beyond happy we decided to implement Qvinci. It’s really great how easy Qvinci is to deploy and use, we were up and running in no time! As I have said before, Qvinci’s Customer Success Team was always available when needed and always had the right answer!

Molly Okerlund , Accountable To You, Inc.

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