ProAdvisor App First Look: Qvinci Solo

ProAdvisor App First Look: Qvinci Solo

“Qvinci Solo facilitates an accountant’s ability to increase billing realization and reduce the cost (time) of processing of client QBO data while empowering the accountant as a trusted advisor for their clients.”
William Murphy, Senior Editor, Insightful Accountant

[Originally Published in Insightful Accountant, July 27, 2018 – By William Murphy]

Qvinci, an industry standard for automated advanced custom reporting and business intelligence has become the most recent company to join the QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program.

Based upon Qvinci for Accountants, the Qvinci Solo App is a fully customizable advanced reporting App geared toward firms using QuickBooks Online-Accountant to service their QBO clients.

It is specifically tailored for accountants and available with preferred pricing to accounting pros who purchase the app on behalf of clients through the QuickBooks Accountant Apps program, which helps accounting professionals save time and work more efficiently when provisioning, purchasing and managing apps for their clients.

Because Qvinci Solo supports single sign-on accountants will easily connect the App to the clients’ QBO files. From then on, the App will sync with those files either automatically or on-demand based upon your reporting frequency and requirements.

Once you have set-up your various clients, a secure management portal allows you to organize all your clients on one dashboard.

You can provision an unlimited number of Users in Qvinci Solo so that every user can run their own reports or make use of reports you specifically share with them. Qvinci Solo also allows you to standardize a Chart-of-Accounts via Account Groupings permitting automated reporting per client based upon customizations to the Chart of Accounts. You get the best of both worlds, custom account reporting and standardized account reporting in one.

Qvinci Solo reduces the entire report editing, styling, templating and publishing tasks into a few simple steps, and while you can dive right into customized reporting from the Reports & Libraries feature, you can also get started without a significant learning-curve or time spent in customizing and styling reports by simply using more than 40 ‘free’ ‘jump-start’ report templates ready the moment you connect.

Of course, you’re not limited to the pre-configured templates you can easily make use of Qvinci’s custom report building, editing, templating, styling and publishing features to produce sophisticated financial and business intelligence reports for your clients. Then share those reports with your client(s) via Client Invite, PDF and/or Excel.

Going forward, every Qvinci Solo report will automatically auto-hydrate, auto-style and auto-package with just a few clicks of a mouse.

This App even promotes staff collaboration and workflow efficiencies by allowing you to configure which of your staff are responsible for specific reporting and metrics for their individual client assignments. In fact, you can even set customizable goals and alerts using Qvinci Solo allowing you to stay on top of every situation.

Qvinci Solo was designed for the accountant representing small-to-medium businesses who are using QuickBooks Online and who want more than just a traditional accountant end-product. With Qvinci Solo accountants can provide their QBO clients with actionable, easy-to-understand reports and analysis on the metrics that matter most for each client in less than three minutes (per client).

Qvinci Solo facilitates an accountant’s ability to increase billing realization and reduce the cost (time) of processing of client QBO data while empowering the accountant as a trusted advisor for their clients. Through Qvinci Solo based value-added consulting services you will differentiate your practice to not only increase revenues, ensure client retention and boost new client acquisition.

If Qvinci Solo sounds exactly like the advanced reporting and metrics engine you have been waiting for to bolster your QBOA centered accounting practice be sure to check them out from either the Apps Tab inside your QuickBooks Online Accountant or the Intuit App Center, because…

Qvinci Solo has hit a ‘reporting home run’ out of the ball park!

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John Logan

EVP of Sales and Marketing

Qvinci Software LLC


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William Murphy

Senior Editor

Insightful Accountant, LLC

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