Qvinci Adds New Business Intelligence, KPI’s and Reporting Tools (including integrated Charts and Graphs) to its Suite of Customizable and Templated Solutions

AUSTIN, TX – June 11, 2019 Qvinci® Software – has released new game-changing capabilities that allow users to style, package and publish sophisticated user-defined business intelligence, KPI’s and reporting packages (including integrated charts and graphs) – blending data from multiple financial types (P&L, Balance Sheet, etc.) and other data sources (Excel®) in one customizable templated reporting package.  Build it once, use it forever.  Below is an example of a KPI Financial Trending Report.

These new business intelligence, KPI’s and reporting tools are designed and can be customized to meet the needs of SMBs and their accountants and advisors.  They are also industry agnostic.  From an accountant that represents a variety of small to medium businesses, to a franchise, diocese or other multi-unit organization wanting sophisticated reporting delivered to its business units – Qvinci delivers.

The BI, KPI’s and reports (including integrated charts and graphs) take seconds to generate, are fully customizable, and utilize predictive analytics and charts &graphs that users ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND AND CAN EASILY IMPLEMENT.

The new Qvinci tools offer an extensive customizable array of visibility into revenue, expenses, and cash for all reporting clients or locations.  It also offers benchmarking, ranking, forecasting and trending reports all in near real-time.

All reports, charts and graphs auto-hydrate, auto-update, auto-blend, auto-style and auto-package virtually instantaneously without requiring the need to export the QuickBooks® reports to Excel® for manual styling, customizing and packaging.

Another BI example is the Forecast Based on Prior Two Years Performance.

Please see link below for examples of all business intelligence, KPI’s and jumpstart reporting packages (including integrated charts and graphs) and other helpful articles.

View Accountant Reporting Samples             View Franchise Reporting Samples

According to Qvinci’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Charles Nagel, who invented and designed the new tools, “this is not a one size fits all KPI, boilerplate flashy dashboard or a canned set of static charts and graphs offered by all others in the marketplace–Qvinci is a sophisticated but easy to implement and understand business intelligence, KPI and reporting tool for the transformative advisor, the accounting firm of the future or the franchise, diocese or SMB looking to use such emerging technologies as a competitive advantage.”

According to Qvinci’s CEO Brad Adams, “the advanced business intelligence, KPI’s and reporting tools (including integrated charts and graphs) are but the latest development in support of Qvinci’s mission and vision that allows accountants and SMBs to create virtually unlimited permutations of business intelligence, KPI’s and financial reports easily for any number of clients or business units and deliver it in one package timely, efficiently and repeatedly.”

Qvinci has three scheduled LIVE WEBINARS available to everyone on June 25 and 26 for accountants and June 27 for franchises, diocese and other multi-unit organizations to explore and give input on all the exciting new capabilities.  Email invitations will be sent out soon, but you can register with the links below.

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