Qvinci Launches Version 2.0 – We call it V2

V2 Adds New Business Intelligence, KPI’s and Reporting Tools (including integrated Charts and Graphs) to Qvinci’s Suite of Patented, Customizable and Templated Solutions

AUSTIN, TX – August 13, 2019 Qvinci® Software – we want to personally introduce you to the next generation of the Qvinci solution – V2.  Among many things, V2 turbo-charges the ability to customize, style, package and publish sophisticated and virtually unlimited business intelligence, KPI’s and financial reports (including integrated charts and graphs) – blending data from multiple financial types (P&L, Balance Sheet, etc.) and other data sources (Excel®) in one customizable templated reporting package.  Build it once, use it forever!

V2 Goes Live on August 15, 2019
Version 2.0 is a quantum leap in intuitive, actionable business intelligence reporting.  Below is but one example of a KPI Financial Trending Report. Qvinci provides over 70 GAAP compliant reporting templates as a jump start.  Use them as-is, add, subtract or customize at will using an easy to implement Excel®-like design tool.

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Life after QuickBooks®
Some have said that life after QuickBooks requires a painful and costly migration to Intacct, NetSuite or some other expensive and complicated software package.

There are 3 principal reasons generally given:

  • lack of data consolidation
  • limited reporting capabilities
  • lack of customizable business intelligence to drive decision making

Qvinci has long ago solved these issues for its customers who are QuickBooks users and has now turbo-charged its capabilities with V2.  Qvinci owns the patents on consolidation and account mapping, its reporting packages are customizable and virtually limitless, and its BI tools are fully customizable giving decision makers the reports they need without complicated manual processes.

No need to change accounting systems. No need to migrate any data. No need to struggle with expensive learning curves.

 Life after QuickBooks = QuickBooks + Qvinci!

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BI/Reports/Charts/Graphs and Predictive Analytics
V2 will facilitate your ability to better understand how your businesses are performing without the month-end spreadsheet fiascos. Red arrows and downward trending charts and graphs motivate clients and business units to reach out for assistance in correcting problem areas before they become unmanageable. Use them as-is, customize them or build your own.

V2 offers an extensive customizable array of visibility into revenue, expenses, and cash for all reporting clients or business locations.  It also offers business intelligence like benchmarking, ranking, forecasting and trending reports all in near real-time.

The BI, KPIs, reports, charts and graphs auto-hydrate, auto-update, auto-blend, auto-style and auto-package virtually instantaneously without requiring the need to export the QuickBooks reports to Excel® for manual styling, customizing and packaging.   The month-end Excel chaos ends with Qvinci!

Introductory V2 Videos and Reporting Samples
Please watch the V2-intro video by clicking “Qvinci V2 Introduction Video“. These videos will provide a strong overview of V2’s capabilities.   Also, below are two links that let you explore (or test drive) the V2 BI, KPIs and reporting packages.

View Franchise, Diocese or Multi-Unit V2 Reporting Samples
View Accountant V2 Reporting Samples

According to Qvinci’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Charles Nagel, “this is not a one size fits all reporting package with boilerplate dashboards and KPI’s, fixed reports or a canned set of charts and graphs offered by the competition–Qvinci is a sophisticated but easy to implement and understand business intelligence, KPI and reporting solution for the transformative advisor, the ‘accounting firm of the future’ or the franchise, diocese or SMB looking to use such emerging technologies as a competitive advantage.”

According to Qvinci’s CEO Brad Adams, “Qvinci is synonymous with innovation and V2 is just the latest development in a long line of Qvinci innovations that continually improves its customers’ ability to collect and consolidate financial data, create virtually unlimited permutations of business intelligence, KPI’s and financial reports and deliver it in one package timely, efficiently and repeatedly.”

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