Qvinci Inventor and Founder, Charles Nagel, to Present at Scaling New Heights on
How to Become a “Transformative Advisor”

Summary of Presentation:

This “don’t miss” session (Monday, June 17th @ 7am in the North Foyer Ballroom) provides best practice insights into how “tomorrow’s accountants today” (and the “firm of the future”) are creating high-margin advisory engagements by delivering actionable business intelligence, KPI’s and reporting tools that meaningfully impact their clients’ businesses and drive client adoption, retention and value.  The KPI Financial Trending report below is one example of the new BI tools available for accountants and their clients.

Main Topics Covered:

  • How to become a transformative advisor, not a commodity service provider:
    • Provide value-added consulting clients desire, understand and are willing to pay for
    • Fixed billing (or value billing) vs hourly billing for high impact services
  • Learn the power of automation:
    • Automatically include actionable KPI’s and business intelligence into customizable and templated financial reporting packages
    • Blend multiple data types into easy-to-understand customizable packages. (KPI’s, Benchmarking, Forecasting, P&L, Balance Sheet, etc. and “per widget” ratios from non-financial data sources)
    • Standardize and scale data collection and consolidation, reporting and BI across all clients while providing real-world benchmark analysis of clients in your vertical markets

View Reporting Samples

Takeaways and Benefits:

  • Gain practical knowledge that can be immediately implemented to differentiate your practice from the competition by:
    • Incorporating actionable business intelligence, KPI’s and templated reporting packages into your client advisory and financial reporting services
    • Using real-world examples of how today’s successful accountants (and firms) are positioning their practice to improve client attraction, retention and value
    • Receiving an Excel template example delivered after the session to all attendees
  • Learn how to scale growth and profits through technology automation, while providing added value services to your clients by:
    1. Defining and adopting standards that facilitate supporting more customers in less time
    2. Adopting “the right” technology to automate, standardize and scale processes that will improve internal efficiencies
    3. Learning the fixed/value-based billing concepts and how to use them

Use the Forecast BI tool below to help your clients easily forecast profitability and performance.

Please see the link below for examples of all Qvinci business intelligence, KPI and jumpstart reporting packages (including integrated charts and graphs) and other helpful articles.

View Reporting Samples

If you cannot attend Scaling New Heights, Qvinci has scheduled two LIVE WEBINARS available to everyone on June 25 and 26 to explore and give input on these new exciting capabilities.  Email invitations will be sent out soon, but you can schedule it with the links below.

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Final Thoughts:

Providing actionable business intelligence is probably THE MOST transformative opportunity for accountants to employ if they are to become a catalyst for improving their clients’ businesses.  When an accountant can show a client “what to do” that is easily understood, implemented and tracked — that is transformative.  Accountants who adopt “the right” technology to help transform their practice and their clients’ businesses will be successful in the future…and the future is NOW.

Thanks in advance for your participation:

Charles Nagel

Founder, CIO

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John Logan

EVP of Sales

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