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Transforming your Client Relationship from Compliance to Consultancy with Business Intelligence

Tuesdays at 12:00pm Central


Join us for a LIVE discussion with the storied inventor, serial entrepreneur and renowned turnaround expert Charles Nagel, Founder and CIO of Qvinci and learn how to transform your client relationship from Compliance to Collaboration with Qvinci’s new Business Intelligence, KPIs and reporting solutions. Be prepared! Come see why tens of thousands have chosen Qvinci!

What Does This Mean?

  • Compliance is the basic accounting and reporting functions, collaboration results in high dollar consulting engagements. When you can tell your client what to do in a simple and easy to implement way, you have just become a valued consultant or trusted advisor.
  • Compliance is never all gone, however, with Qvinci’s new advanced business intelligence, KPIs and reporting solutions you can increase your value by providing the services your clients really need.

Practical Application!

  • Accountants are no longer spending hours manually creating traditional financials for clients, who don’t really understand them.
  • Now, in 30 seconds, reporting is done using Qvinci and the next 59.5 minutes are spent advising your client on how to correct issues (red arrows and downward trending charts / graphs) that are negatively impacting their business.
  • Now Rinse and Repeat!

New Revenue Streams and Expanded Business!

  • These enhanced capabilities open the possibility of new revenue streams, increase retention and expand your existing verticals while still doing what you do best – making your clients happy by serving their needs.

No Migration Needed!

  • Do not listen to the Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct or Microsoft noise! There is no need to change accounting systems.
  • No need to migrate any data. No need to struggle with painful learning curves.
  • Just add a dollop of Qvinci to QuickBooks! We will have you up and running in short Order!

Life after QuickBooks = QuickBooks + Qvinci!

Thursdays at 12:00pm Central


Join us for a LIVE discussion with Qvinci’s Inventor, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Charles Nagel. During the webinar, Charles will answer two principal questions. First, why it is completely unnecessary to migrate to a complicated and expensive mid-market accounting platform. Second, why those in the know (like BDO) agree and have chosen Qvinci as their BI, KPI and reporting provider of choice.

Life after QuickBooks® = QuickBooks + Qvinci!

Some have said that life after QuickBooks requires a painful and costly migration to Sage Intacct, Oracle NetSuite, FinancialForce, Microsoft or some other expensive and complicated software package. There are 5 principal reasons generally given:

  • Lack of multi-unit data consolidation
  • Lack of automation
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Lack of customizable business intelligence and KPIs to drive decision making
  • An over reliance on the use of Microsoft Excel

Qvinci has long ago solved these issues for its customers who are QuickBooks users.

  • Qvinci owns the patents on multi-unit consolidation
  • Qvinci’s processes are fully automated and in near real-time
  • Qvinci’s reporting packages are customizable and virtually limitless
  • Qvinci’s KPI and BI tools are fully customizable giving decision makers the reports they need without complicated manual processes
  • Qvinci’s report editor is very “Excel-like” so if you can envision it in Excel, you can build it in Qvinci. Build it once in Qvinci, use it forever!

There is no need to change accounting systems. No need to migrate any data. No need to struggle with expensive learning curves. Just add Qvinci!

The webinar will last approximately 45 minutes including a Q&A session